Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How Puzzling!

Dear Coworkers,

I know that this job at the residential treatment center just recently started, and so we have not yet had the opportunity to fully get acquainted. Despite this I feel like I have not presented myself as a complete idiot, and thus am puzzled by why you felt that I needed to be instructed on how to look for unique shapes to fit together when doing a puzzle. I know how to put puzzles together. I know of very few people who do not. The reason that I was searching and searching and occasionally finding the correct piece, wasn't evidence of my level of intelligence, but rather was the result of it being nearly midnight, on a night when I hadn't slept very well, or very much, the previous four nights. Thanks, though, for obvioulsy thinking the best of me, and for treating me like I am five (No girl need beauty creams or youth serums when she has people like you in her life who will forever be treating her like an incompetent child). Also thank you for being oblivious to the fact that the other coworker was working at a slower pace than me, so that I could be the only one privy to your very helpful puzzle advice.


Your New Friend, who almost shoved puzzle pieces down your throat last night